Figures. #Ferguson Leftists Sang Communist Song at St. Louis Symphony

Radical Ferguson protesters disrupted the St. Louis Symphony on Saturday night. It all happened as the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and Chorus were preparing to perform Brahms’ Requiem just after the intermission.
The leftists stood up after intermission and sang,

“Which side are you on? Justice for Mike Brown.”

They called it a Mike Brown ‘flash mob.’

The activists then displayed three hand-painted banners referencing Mike Brown.
mike brown goons symphony


The main organizers for the protest, representing a hodgepodge of far left groups, were Derek Laney, Elizabeth Vega, Sarah Greisbach, Jelani Brown, and Annjie Scheifelbein.

On Monday Got News reported “Which Side Are You On?” is a communist song.
It figures.

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