Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson: I Am Not Resigning (Video)

Ferguson, Missouri Police Chief Tom Jackson announced Tuesday that he will not be resigning.

Chief Jackson received an enormous amount of abuse from protesters and far left activists after he released information on Michael Brown’s strong-arm robbery to the press.

Today Chief Jackson made the announcement.


KMOV reported:

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson told News 4 he is not resigning despite reports to the contrary.

It had been reported that Jackson planned to step down. However, shortly after the report came out, Jackson said the report was not correct.

“I have not been told I must resign nor have I been fired. If I do resign in the future it will be my choice. However, it is not imminent,” Jackson told News 4’s Matt Sczesny.

Some have speculated that Jackson may step down as part of an overhaul and reform of the department.

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