#Ferguson Business Owner Says Protesters Are “Terrorists” – Wants Homeland Security Called In

A Ferguson, Missouri business owner says the nighttime protesters led by Democratic officials are “terrorists.” He wants Obama to call in Homeland Security to calm the situation.
molotov ferguson
Demonstrators prepare a Molotov cocktail at a ‘peaceful’ protest in Ferguson, Missouri.

The business owner also said his business is down 40 percent since the shooting and protests started up in August.
CBS Local reported:

A Ferguson business owner is calling the protestors who descend on his city at night “terrorists” and says Homeland Security should be called in.

The anonymous caller to the Charlie Brennan show, who KMOX confirmed is a Ferguson small business owner, says the daytime protestors are fine, but that changes when the outsiders, including elected officials from outside Ferguson, arrive after dark.

“The unpeaceful protesters come out at night, trying to harm or burn our businesses down or stop the businesses,” the caller said. “And it’s time that our government called this what it is, and this is a terrorist act.”

The business owner says a lot of windows have been broken, fires have been set and trash is left behind.

His business is down up to 40 percent, he said, but the protestors are wasting their time.

Too bad Obama won’t call in the National Guard – they’re too busy fighting Ebola in West Africa.


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