Ferguson Activists Promise to “Disrupt Life Until We Can Live”

memorial brown
The Michael Brown memorial on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri. (Photo Antonio French)

Recently Ferguson activist leader Deray McKesson penned a letter that is making the rounds on social media.

The activist mob promises to continue to protest and disrupt the community until they see Officer Darren Wilson indicted – regardless of the facts of the case.

The author Deray claims all blacks are unsafe to breathe, walk and speak in America.
(Especially blacks who beat cops and grab at their guns!)

In every main street and dark corner of this nation, Black people are unsafe to breathe, walk, speak, lead, move, grow, learn and be without the distinct possibility that our blackness will be seen as enough weapon to justify the taking of our lives.

The activists promise to “disrupt life” until “we can live.”

An American Horror Story — Open Letter from Ferguson Protestors and Allies (10.17.14) by dmckesso

The letter closes with this:

Even in the face of this terror, we will continue to force the readers and writers of this, a most American of horror stories, to face the blackness that they fear, the blackness they have spent this entire story trying to erase, trying to soften, trying to co-opt, trying to escape.

We will no longer allow you to escape this story and pretend that the epidemic of black lives dying by white hands is merely a figment of an active Black imagination. You must come face to face with the horror that we live daily.

You must come to know and profess the truth of this story, and be determined to end it.

We are not concerned if this inconveniences you.

Dead children are more than an inconvenience.

We are not concerned if this disturbs your comfort.

Freedom outweighs that privilege.

We are not concerned if this upsets order.

Your calm is built on our terror.

We are not concerned if this disrupts normalcy.

We will disrupt life until we can live.

This is an American Horror Story. Together, we are writing the final chapter.

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