EBOLA: Spanish Medical Workers Jeer Prime Minister – THROW SURGICAL GLOVES at His Car (Video)

Spanish medical workers jeered Prime Minister Rajoy and threw surgical gloves at his car today.
pm gloves

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was visiting Carlos III hospital where a nurse lay ill with Ebola.
Fourteen people are currently under quarantine in Madrid.

Reuters reported:

Spanish health workers angry about the government’s handling of an Ebola outbreak jeered Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and pelted his car with surgical gloves on Friday at a Madrid hospital where a nurse lay seriously ill with the virus.

Recriminations are growing over how nurse Teresa Romero became the first person to contract the virus outside West Africa, but Rajoy said it was extremely unlikely that the disease – which has already killed more than 4,000 people – would spread in Spain.

Seven more people were admitted to a specialist isolation unit at the Carlos III hospital on Thursday, taking to 14 the number of people now under observation or being treated there, including Romero’s husband.

“Our first priority is Teresa Romero – she is the only person that we know has the illness,” Rajoy told reporters on the steps of the hospital.

Several staff members have already quit working over the Ebola scare.
The Guardian reported:


Concerns about a lack of training and safety standards have left some staff refusing to attend to possible Ebola cases at Madrid’s Carlos III hospital, where the first known person to contract the disease outside west Africa is being treated.

Fourteen people are in quarantine at the hospital, including four health workers who treated Teresa Romero Ramos, the Spanish nurse who contracted the virus after treating an Ebola patient repatriated from Sierra Leone.

Seven people, including two hairdressers who had given Romero a beauty treatment before she was diagnosed, entered the isolation unit on Thursday.

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