Dude! Former Obama Spokesman Tommy Vietor Mocks Christians Over Ebola Criticism

Tommy Vietor and Barack Obama

Tommy Vietor and Barack Obama

The contempt in which Christians are held by President Barack Obama and his administration was put on display Thursday by two former White House spokesmen. Both men are longtime Obama associates.

Commenting via Twitter on the Republican-led House hearing on the Texas Ebola outbreak with Obama administration officials from the CDC, NIH, HHS, FDA and DHS, former National Security spokesman Tommy Vietor said:

“Only in America can people who don’t believe in evolution or global warming browbeat actual professionals leading the CDC.”

In case anyone doubted whether this open contempt for Christians was part of the Obama mentality, within minutes Vietor’s comment was retweeted by his White House colleague former Assistant Press Secretary Matt Lehrich.

vietor ebola

They hate you, Christians. They really do.

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