FREEDOM PROTESTERS WITH LOADED GUNS March in Downtown St. Louis in Open Carry Walk

The St. Louis Open Carry – Firearm Education Walk was held today in downtown St. Louis.
second amendment marchers st louis
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FOX 2 reported on the event:

People in downtown St. Louis on Saturday may see a large group of people walking the streets carrying guns. It’s the St. Louis Open Carry/Firearm Education Walk and organizers say it is designed to call attention to Missouri’s constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.

The protesters marched through downtown St. Louis to the Gateway Arch.


open carry woman
One protester held a sign reading, “The Second Amendment not just a White Privilege”

A couple of counter-protesters showed up at the rally.
This kook wrote a book on two signs.

The protesters thanked the park rangers after the rally.

The protesters posed for a photo on the steps of the Arch.

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