CDC Director Frieden: If the US Bans Travel From West Africa Ebola Will Spread (Liberal Logic)

CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden went on The Kelly File to discuss the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the US. Frieden argued that a US travel ban on the Ebola inflicted countries would cause the disease to spread.

Dr. Tom Frieden: “Above all do no harm. If we do things that make it harder to stop the epidemic there it’s going to spread to other parts of the continent…

Megyn Kelly: How’s it going to make it harder to stop?

Dr. Tom Frieden: Because you can’t get people in and out.

Megyn Kelly: Why can’t we have charter flights?

Dr. Tom Frieden: You know, charter flights don’t do the same thing commercial airlines do.

Megyn Kelly: What do you mean, they fly in and fly out?…

Dr. Tom Frieden: If we isolate these countries, what’s not going to happen is the disease staying there. It will spread more, all over Africa and we’ll be at higher risk.

That doesn’t make sense.
Via The Kelly File:


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