CAUGHT ON VIDEO>>> LOIS LERNER Targeted by Reporter – Tries Busting Into Neighbor’s Home

Lois Lerner

The IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal involved:

** Emails released in July show Lois Lerner has a “deep animous” towards “a–hole” conservatives.

** Lois Lerner warned colleagues to hide information from Congress back in 2013 – after the targeting investigation was in full swing.


** Lois Lerner targeted conservative Senator Charles Grassley from Iowa.

** Lois Lerner reached out to the Holder Department of Justice on a plan to prosecute conservative tax-exempt groups.

** Lois Lerner funneled Democrat Elijah Cummings information on a targeted conservative group.

** Lois Lerner and the Treasury Department secretly drafted rules to target conservatives.

Tonight Jason Mattera released video of Lois Lerner trying to bust into a neighbor’s home when confronted by a camera crew on her role in the conservative targeting scandal.

Lois Lerner Doesn’t Like Being Targeted
lerner targeting

Jason Mattera released the full video tonight after his appearance on Hannity.

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