CAUGHT ON TAPE: Democrat BRUCE BRALEY Trashes Millennials (Video)

Tell us how you really feel, Representative?
Iowa Democratic Senatorial candidate Bruce Braley recently trashed millennials during a campaign stop with manufacturers.

Young entrepreneurs at Iowa start-ups are “sitting around”It may be 3 o’clock in the afternoon and “they’re drinking beer” and brainstorming.

Gen Opp reported

Representative Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) made disparaging statements against Millennials, trashing our generation’s work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.

Braley, speaking to a group of manufacturers, told them that young entrepreneurs at Iowa start-ups are “sitting around,” thinking up ideas that sometimes go “nowhere.”

“It may be 3 o’clock in the afternoon and they’re drinking beer and brainstorming,” he said.

Given that mentality, it’s no wonder Braley has supported policies that consistently hurt young people.

Braley voted for the “Affordable” Care Act, which has increased healthcare premiums for Iowans by 142% for men and 59% for women and added $1 trillion in new taxes. Some young Iowans are even seeing their work hours cut due to Obamacare.

Braley has also consistently voted for out-of-control government spending and to increase the debt ceiling. As of today, an 18-year-olds’s lifetime share of the national debt is over $800k.

Generation Opportunity is encouraging young people to tweet @BruceBraley and tell him to start supporting young entrepreneurship.

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