Breaking: JUVENILE ARRESTED in Dallas Over Ebola Hoax

A juvenile male from Frisco High School was arrested in connection to a fake Ebola story.

Thomas Eric Duncan died this morning in a Dallas hospital.
ebola texas
The occupants of a flat in Texas where a man lay sick for days with Ebola have been moved from their home. (BBC)

A juvenile was arrested for passing around a fake Ebola story in North Dallas.
FOX DFW reported:


Frisco police have arrested a juvenile male from Frisco High School in connection to a picture of a bogus news article that mentions Ebola cases in Frisco.

The bogus article, which was made to appear to be from, was being passed around on social media, but was not published by FOX 4.

It said it was written by an “AP Medical Scriber,” claims “there could be as much as 6 new victims” and mentions several schools in Frisco.

The image is inaccurate and was likely created using Photoshop and this article to spark fear.

Frisco police said the false article resulted in several concerned parents to call the school district, and some students even remained at home.

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