BREAKING: ISIS TAKES CREDIT for Bombing Inside Israel – Two Soldiers Injured

shebaa bombing
Israel reportedly fired shells into Lebanon today after a border bombing injured two soldiers. (DW)

The IDF reported on the attack.

Israel fired shells into Lebanon in response to the bombing. Deutsche Welle reported:


Israel’s army has reportedly fired shells into Lebanon after a border bombing wounded soldiers. The 80-kilometer border had been largely quiet since a monthlong war between Israeli forces and the Hezbollah group in 2006. Tuesday’s explosion took place near the village of Kafr Shebaa in southern Lebanon, near to Israel and Lebanon’s well-protected, 50-mile border (pictured). Following the incident, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) began shelling areas across the border, news agencies reported, though a military spokeswoman would not confirm such events. “Two soldiers were injured by an explosive device,” the IDF spokeswoman said on Tuesday. “It was activated against them during activity near the Lebanon border.” She added that “initial reports indicate it was intended to attack soldiers.”

ISIS took credit for the attack.

Update: Hezbollah also took credit for the attack.

Related: ISIS posted this photo of another child soldier in Samara, Iraq.
ISIS soldier child samara

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