Breaking: ISIS Says WEDNESDAY Is Deadline for American Hostage Peter Kassig

ISIS Is Holding At Least Four More American Hostages

The ISIS (ISIL) terrorist group released video of Alan Henning’s beheading earlier this month. Henning was a British aide worker in Syria.

At the end of the video ISIS promised to behead American Peter Kassig.
The ISIS beheader says in the video:


“Obama you have started your aerial bombardment of the Sham which keeps on striking our people. So, it is only right that we continue to strike the necks of your people.”

peter kassig isis

Peter Kassig is a former Army Ranger. He went to Syria in 2013 to help Syrian refugees. Kassig went missing in 2013.

ISIS supporters on Twitter are saying Wednesday is the deadline for US hostage Peter Kassig.

This was posted on an Islamist twitter account today. (translated)
isis hostage kassig

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