BRAVE KURDISH WOMEN Take Up Arms to Save Kobani As Obama Does Nothing

Heartbreak and Horror in Kobani
kurdish grandmother kobane
Photo of pure heartbreak. Carrying his 92 year-old grandmother on his back escaping from ISIS in Kobane.

A courageous Kurdish woman, a mother and a freedom fighter. She was killed in Kobani defending her land, her family, her honor and humanity against jihadist ISIS.
kurdish mom left two behind
Kurdish mother Nasreen, left two children behind and died fighting against ISIS in Kobane.
Hat Tip Banafsheh

A female Kurdish fighter identified as Arin Mirkin clashed with ISIS rebels, fired grenades and then blew herself up in a suicide blast near Kobane on Sunday.
She did not want to be taken prisoner by ISIS.
arin mirkin
Arin Mirkin blew herself up at an Isil position east of the border town of Kobane. (The Telegraph)

An 85 year-old Kurdish man decided to stay and fight ISIS.

The weapons are outdated but they show exceptional courage.

60,000 to 100,000 Syrian Kurds have fled the Kobane region in Syria into Turkey in the last three weeks.

Thousands of Kurdish refugees have crossed the border into Turkey to avoid the threat of ISIS occupation in Kobane.
kurds flee
Thousands of Kurdish refugees have crossed the border into #Turkey to avoid the threat of ISIS occupation in Kobane. (Walaa Al-Taee)

kurds flee 2

FOX News reported the numbers at 60,000 to 100,000 refugees.

kurds flee 4

kurds flee 3

innocent child
An innocent child — victim of the tyranny #ISIS has waged on #Kobani residents. (Rudaw Facebook)

And Obama lobs a few bombs at ISIS as they invade the town.

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