Boko Haram Breaks Peace Agreement With Government After Only 24 Hours

Boko Haram was founded in 2002.
Since that time hundreds of people have been slaughtered by the Islamists in Nigeria.

This weekend Boko Haram signed a peace deal with the Nigerian government.
It took Boko Haram just 24 hours into the ceasefire to attack two cities.
Bella Naija reported:

Barely 24 hours after the federal government and Boko Haram agreed to a cease fire, the insurgents have struck again.

ThisDay reports that Boko Haram attacked Borno and Adamawa between Friday and Saturday.

An unnamed source told reporters “just as we have started celebrating a ceasefire, we got news that these terrorists have attacked Borno again, giving us an indication that there was no such agreement or, perhaps, they are more than a terror group.

The regions attacked are Maikadiri in Abadam Local Government Area, in northern Borno State, and Sina and Grata villages in Michika Local Government Area in Adamawa State.

An undisclosed number of people were killed in the attacks.

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