Bill O’Reilly: CDC Director Tom Frieden “Should Resign” (Video)

FOX News host Bill O’Reilly called for CDC Directro Tom Frieden to resign in his Monday night’s Talking Points Memo.

“There is no compelling reason why West Africans should be admitted to the US when there is an Ebola epidemic raging in that region. Think about it, this is a national security issue. Is it not? What reason on this earth, not to suspend visas from that area? The truth is, there is no reason just a bunch of excuse making…

…We asked CDC director Tom Frieden to appear on The Factor. He will not because he is afraid. He knows that I know he’s not being candid, that he is spinning the situation and not being forthcoming about how the disease is being spread.

Frieden should resign

Believing that civilian airport people in JFK, or Newark, or Dulles Airport can spot Ebola that is dormant, believing that is stupid and irresponsible and puts all Americans at risk.

Via The O’Reilly Factor and The News Commenter:

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