Biden Supporters As Clueless As Biden (Video)

Joe Biden
Vice President Biden was in Oregon on Wednesday, Oct. 8th, to stump for Senator Jeff Merkley. Laughing At Liberals hit up the line of people waiting to get in.

Moron Biden Supporters At Rally

From the video: These “Joe Biden for President” supporters struggle to explain why they like him, things he’s done, accomplishments…. They seem more interested in fluff. Others laugh at the idea of Biden running for President, and prefer Hillarity or Elizabeth Warren. Another says she doesn’t know anything about politics, but gives a “JOE BIDEN FOR PRESIDENT” hurrah anyways.

Kids Skip School, Get Extra Credit For Attending Biden-Merkley Rally

Students from Washougal and Cleveland High Schools get the day off to attend a rally with Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley and Vice President Joe Biden in Portland. One even gets extra credit for her honors project by attending. Another is so starstruck by Biden that she’s in awe just to breathe the same air as him.

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