Babs Alert: Barbra Streisand Is Latest Unhinged Lib to Blame Ebola on Republicans

Babs Alert—-
Barbra Streisand blamed the the Ebola outbreak on Republicans this week.
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In her latest unhinged and misinformed political rant, Barbra Streisand blamed the GOP for Ebola.
The Huffington Post reported, via Shark Tank:

Remember, it only takes a few votes to make all the difference. In the presidential election of 2000, 104 million people voted and only 537 votes in Florida triggered events that changed the world. Would we have become involved in the unnecessary war in Iraq if Al Gore became President? Would America be falling so far behind on tackling climate change?…

…But this is far from my only area of concern. By the way, if not for Republicans austere budget cuts, the NIH could have possibly had an Ebola vaccine by now. Unbelievably, I never thought we’d see the day when contraception was once again controversial, but this is what is happening. We are still fighting to have control of our own bodies! The right-wing is pushing these so-called “person-hood” initiatives and bills in Congress and the states, which take away rights from women and give full legal rights to a fertilized egg!

For the record…  The GOP gave CDC more money than Obama requested.

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