Apprentice Jihadists Practice in French Park – Tell Cops They’ll “Burn in Hell”

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Strasbourg residents called police this week after they saw apprentice jihadists practicing in a city park. The jihadists called police “infidels” and said they “would burn in hell.”
The Local reported:

Concerned residents in the eastern French city of Strasbourg called police this week when they saw a group of “apprentice jihadists” training in a park using fake weapons, according to reports.

When officers got to the park they found at least six people “training for Jihad”, police sources told RTL radio this week.

The police had been called to the scene by local residents who had reportedly witnessed “bearded men dressed in djellabas” taking part in combat training in the park.

When officers pulled up they were greeted with cries of “infidels” according to French media reports.

The leader of the group told police they were training to “avenge the deaths of their Muslim brothers” before telling police they “would burn in hell”, RTL claimed.

However with no offense having been committed, none of the “apprentice jihadists” were arrested, with a police source describing the incident as a simple “provocation”.

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