White House: Obama Will Take Executive Action on Immigration After Election But Before End of Year (Video)

White Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters today President Obama will take action on amnesty before the end of the year but after the November election.

Chief White House Correspondent with CBS News Major Garrett blasted Earnest for Obama’s latest political move.

Major Garrett: I want to be clear. What the president said Saturday was that he wouldn’t take any presidential actions until after the November election.

Josh Earnest: The president has decided that he will take executive action within the confines of the law to fix those aspects of the broken immigration system that he’s able to fix before the end of the year…

Major Garrett: You said yesterday the reason was because he needs to explain it. Why does he need until the end of the year to explain something? Isn’t it true that the dominant factor, if you want to call it, was static from senate Democrats saying… it’s terrible politics for us and we want you to wait until after the election? The president clearly doesn’t need nine weeks to explain this to the American people. If he wanted to explain it he could explain it. It seems to me the only rational explanation for this an intervening midterm election and fears from senate Democrats…

Josh Earnest: Major, the reason the president has made the decision to delay his announcement about executive actions he’s going to take is specifically because he is concerned mostly is ensuring the solution he offers is both sustainable and enduring.

What hogwash.

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