Weird. Progressive Leader Obama Sounds Like Bush Jr. in UN Speech (Video)

President George W. Bush never hesitated to call out Islamic extremists at the United Nations.
Bush consistently urged the world body to help in the fight against global terrorism.

Barack Obama took a different route. The Progressive leader denigrated Bush and the US in the war against radical Islam. He even renamed the War on Terror to the Overseas Contingency Operation.

But, after five-and-a-half years in the White House, it is clear that Obama’s policies have failed. The world is more dangerous today than when he came into office. Al-Qaeda has metastasized and spread like a virus. Large swaths of Iraq and Syria are under the rule of ISIS, a group that came to power during Obama’s tenure.


So, with midterm elections just weeks away, Barack Obama has switched directions. The Progressive leader set aside his golf clubs for a few hours to bomb ISIS. And this week he sounded more like the determined George W. Bush at the United Nations than the apologetic leftist of a few years back.

Granted, Obama still took swipes at America in his speech, but at least he acknowledged the real threats facing America – besides global warming.

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