WAR ON WOMEN… Obama Supporter CeeLo Green Says “Women Who Have Really Been Raped REMEMBER!!!!”

In March, 2012, Cee Lo Green entertained Democrat donors and flipped off the crowd at Barack Obama’s fundraiser in Atlanta, Georgia.

CeeLo sang the ‘f*ck you’ song and flipped off Obama and the donors in the audience.

In November, 2012, Cee Lo Green was investigated by the LAPD over sexual assault claims.


On Monday CeeLo Green took to Twitter to defend his actions after pleading no contest for charges that he slipped a woman ecstasy without her consent.

CeeLo tweeted – Women who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!!
Then he deleted it.

But he wasn’t through with that tweet.
CeeLo went on…
“If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! So WITH implies consent.”
Via Buzzfeed:
ceelo consent

There’s more.

On Tuesday, CeeLo Green’s reality show was canceled after tweeting it’s only rape if the person is conscious.

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