Two “EYEWITNESSES” Cast Doubt on Far Left’s Narrative on #MikeBrown Shooting

The liberal media narrative on the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson has gone from inaccurate to bizarre.
brown robbery stroe
18 year-old Michael Brown robbed a local convenience store on August 9, 2014. Minutes later Brown smashed police officer Darren Wilson in his face, fracturing his eye socket, before he was shot dead in the street.

The liberal media went wild with a false narrative since the shooting. The accusations have gone from inaccurate (Michael Brown was shot in the back) to the bizarre (Michael Brown rapped about God and Christianity).

The far left narrative on Gentle Mike’s shooting death continues to crumble. It should be noted that the story was suspect from the beginning.


For one—
Ferguson eyewitness “Bruh”, Thee Pharoah, tweeted about the shooting shortly after noon on August 9th. “Bruh” admitted that Brown turned around and was shot from the front.
Brown was not shot in the back.
Via Mediaite:

Then there’s this…
Media “eyewitness” Piaget Crenshaw, who was behind the “hands up” meme, was reportedly coached by Black Panther chairwoman Dacia Polk and may not have been the eyewitness she claimed she was.
piaget crenshaw

GotNews has more on Crenshaw’s suspect testimony.

These inconsistencies continue to blow holes in the media narrative that Gentle Mike Brown was shot dead by a racist cop, in the back, as he was surrendering with his hands up.

It’s about time the media cleaned up its act and started reporting on the facts in the case.

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