TRANSGENDER GIRL Crowned Homecoming Princess at Colorado Springs School (Video)

Scarlett Lenh, is biologically a boy, but started identifying as a girl last year.
Last week she was crowned homecoming princess at Sand Creek High School in Colorado, Springs.

Lenh bested three other candidates for the crown.

Scarlett has been dressing for only a few weeks.
scarlett lenh


Several girls were upset that Scarlett took a spot from them.
The Gazette reported:

Scarlett Lenh was officially crowned the 2014 homecoming princess for Sand Creek High School during Friday night’s football game.

Scarlett, however, is biologically a guy. She was born Andy Lenh and this school year started identifying as a female transgender.

“It was really exciting. It felt really good. I couldn’t stop smiling,” Scarlett said after she found out at an afternoon assembly that the majority of the junior class had voted for her over three other candidates.

Two of the other girls who were nominated by their peers were “extremely supportive,” Scarlett said, and the other “was really upset.”

Scarlett, 16, has dressed in girls’ clothing for the past few weeks and also uses the girls’ bathroom at Sand Creek, which is on North Carefree Circle in Falcon School District 49.

Both issues are concerning to some adults and students.

“It’s craziness,” said Jana Neathery, whose granddaughter attends Sand Creek.

“Originally, it was a joke that he was going to be nominated for homecoming princess, but he got a lot of nominations,” she said, referring to Scarlett, “and now there are a lot of upset girls because a spot was taken from them.

“I’m very sympathetic that he’s transgender, but he should be on the boys’ side, not the girls’.”

Parents complained to the school but would not go on television to discuss their opposition to the ruling.

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