Michelle Obama Tells Disgruntled & Hungry Students “Change is Hard”

While change is indeed hard, by all accounts so is trying to eat lunch at school under Michelle Obama’s school lunch restrictions.

Channel 1 a news network produced for broadcast in schools around the country.  On Friday,  First Lady told Channel 1 that the new school lunches schools are being forced to serve under her lunch guidelines are “nasty.”  She said she would not want to eat it.

“Frankly, I wouldn’t want to eat a nasty lunch, either.”

Despite the admission, Mrs. Obama told Channel 1 “change is hard” and kids will just have to deal with it.

She then went on to suggest that students should, “Figure out how to help their school make lunches taste better.”

The original video version of this report has been removed but you can check out audio of Channel One’s report below:

One obvious way to make the lunches taste better is to dump Michelle’s overbearing guidelines… But, that makes too much sense.


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