Top Witness to #MikeBrown Shooting Described as Repeated Liar – Untrustworthy (Video)

The prosecution’s star witness in Michael Brown’s shooting death has a record.
Dorian Johnson was arrested in Jefferson City, Missouri for stealing and lying to police.
dorian johnson

Johnson was with Michael Brown the day he was shot dead in Ferguson.
Dorian Johnson also was with Mike Brown when he robbed the local convenience store.

Dorian Johnson has a warrant out for his arrest for stealing.

St. Louis television channel FOX 2 interviewed a man from mid-Missouri about Dorian Johnson. Kelly Lewis witnessed Dorian Johnson stealing and lying to police.

FOX2 reported:

Dorian Johnson pleaded guilty to lying to police in a 2011 theft case and a warrant still remains for his arrest. FOX2`s Chris Hayes went to Jefferson City to talk to a man who says he caught Johnson stealing and then listened to his repeated lies.

It started behind the Jefferson City YMCA, where a maintenance man said he saw someone, later identified as Dorian Johnson, carrying a FedEx box from a nearby apartment complex.

Kelly Lewis said, ‘He picked the package up off D section, which I knew the lady that lived there, so I knew it wasn`t his package.’

Lewis said he followed and called police as he watched Johnson dump the box behind the Y. A Jefferson City police report documents 19-year-old Dorian Johnson saying his ‘name was Derrick’ then claiming ‘he was 16.’ Next police said he gave a ‘date of birth’ which ‘would mean he was 17′ and told police ‘he had no identification.’

Lewis remembered, ‘He never told them the truth,’ and described watching the runaround for about one hour. Lewis added, ‘I looked down at his sock. I remember that`s where people carry IDs. I told the police officer that. I said I think his ID is in his sock, so the police officer checked it. He got out his ID and found out who he was.”

The Lincoln University student ID reportedly read ‘Dorian J Johnson,’ but the police report states Johnson ‘said he was holding the ID card for someone else.’

Lewis said, ‘To me it was a just a petty little thing that if he would`ve just stood up and told the truth, it would`ve been over.’

The police report shows it continued at the jail where Johnson signed a ‘court summons’ with his false name ‘Derrick.’

Then a Lincoln University police officer reportedly walked in the room. The report states, ‘Due to previous contacts with Johnson, he immediately recognized him as Dorian J. Johnson.’

Johnson pleaded guilty to making false statements. The theft case remains open – with an active arrest warrant for failing to appear.

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