Hands Up, Don’t Shoot! Thugs Rob 6 St. Louisans at Gunpoint in Name of Mike Brown (Video)

hands up don't shoot ferguson
Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!

Thieves robbed six people at gunpoint walking north on Mississippi after eating at a St. Louis restaurant. The robbers told their victims, “This is for Mike Brown.”
KMOV reported:

The victims were near the Planter’s House restaurant on Chouteau Avenue and Mississippi.
CBS Local reported:

St. Louis police say criminals invoked the name of Michael Brown as they robbed six people at a restaurant over the weekend.

KMOV-TV reports that two thieves robbed six people Saturday night and said, “This is for Mike Brown,” before fleeing the scene.

Police say one of the suspects pulled a gun on the victims as they were walking away from the restaurant and demanded the victims’ property.

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