Terrific! THOUSANDS of Foreign Students Are Lost in the US (Video)

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missing students

Thirteen years after 9-11, there are thousands of foreign students missing in the United States today.

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Judicial Watch reported on this back in 2013.


Though a number of Islamic terrorists have entered the U.S. with student visas, the Homeland Security agency responsible for overseeing educational institutions that host foreigners rarely combats fraud or enforces laws that could help prevent future attacks.

Considering that two of the 9/11 pilots, the would-be Wall Street bomber and the Times Square bomber exploited the freewheeling student visa program to enter the country, this is an outrage. The alarming details are featured in a report published this week by a nonpartisan research organization dedicated to studying both legal and illegal immigration.

The probe focuses on the “sleepy agency,” the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), charged with regulating educational institutions that host foreign students and overseeing the foreigners once they’re here. They range from prestigious Ivy League universities to little-known language schools, corrupt visa mills and the very flight schools that helped train the terrorists who attacked the nation in September 2001.

In all, the SEVP oversees about 1.2 million foreign students and their dependents in addition to more than 10,000 educational institutions. The agency is generously funded with $120 million in fee revenue and a staff of 750. A congressional mandate requires the SEVP to recertify all of its institutions every two years, but it has only bothered to recertify 19% of them. This is especially worrisome because one out of eight institutions that issue foreign student visas has no accreditation, the probe found.

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