Sixth-Grade Teacher Forced to Apologize Over Bush-Hitler Assignment (Video)

bush hitler signs
The left mass produced Bush-Hitler signs during his presidency.

A Washington DC sixth-grade teacher was forced to apologize for a homework assignment comparing Bush to Hitler.
It was an innocent mistake.

So now we’re back to this?
NBC Washington DC reported:


A D.C. sixth-grade teacher will apologize for an assignment that asked students to draw comparisons between former President George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler.

The McKinley Middle School teacher sent students home with a Venn diagram and asked them to compare and contrast Bush and Hitler.

At least one parent found it troubling on a number of levels. He told News4 he sees a certain lack of respect for the office of the president. And the instructions read “both men who abused their powers,” which the parent said presents opinion as fact.

D.C. Public Schools released a statement late Wednesday saying the teacher has admitted poor judgment and will apologize to students.

The statement explained the students are in a War and Peace unit in which they consider “when conflict is warranted.”

bush hitler
Hitler was a socialist.

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