SHOCKING EXODUS VIDEO➙ Nigerian Army & Civilians FLEE BOKO HARAM Terrorists

SHOCKING VIDEO shows Nigerian army vehicles and civilians fleeing Boko Haram fighters.

This video was captured by a resident of Mubi, Adamawa State in Nigeria on September 8, 2014.

It shows thousands of Nigerian soldiers and civilians fleeing a massive Boko Haram attack.


Via Sahara Reporters:

The incident comes after a string of attacks by the deadly sect, who has attempted to establish an Islamic state in northeast Nigeria. The Nigerian army has struggled to contain the increasingly aggressive attacks, the most recent of which occurred yesterday in Mubi, and left 24 dead and many, including former president Obasanjo’s son, Lt. Col. Adeboye Obasanjo, gravely wounded. The militants also took an armored tank in the attack.

Speaking to Premium Times journalists yesterday via phone, a man who claimed to be a Boko Haram spokesperson alleged that the sect had taken Bama, Michika, and Mubi Junction, contrary to military reports.

The Boko Haram Islamists have murdered over 350 Nigerian Christians in just the last week.

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