Sen. Ted Cruz: “You Want a Demonstration of Presidential Hubris, Look No Further Than This Speech” (Video)

Senator Ted Cruz went on The Kelly File tonight to weigh in on President Obama’s ISIS Address. Cruz explained that Barack Obama’s proposals are likely unconstitutional.

I think the president should come to Congress and ask for authorization. You want a demonstration of presidential hubris look no further than this speech tonight where he brazenly declares ‘I have the authority to wage war regardless of what Congress says.’ My copy of the Constitution says Congress has the authority to declare war. Now, the president has inherent authority as Commander in Chief to respond to an exigent threat. But, President Obama didn’t propose any response to an exigent threat. He proposed a multi-year military campaign. And he proposed ignoring Congress other than he would deign to accept Congressional approval if Congress gave it. Part of the reason in seeking Congressional approval is it forces the president to come before Congress and the American people and articulate a clear military objective that furthers US national security interests. The president has failed to do so and it appears he still doesn’t intend to do so.

Via The Kelly File:

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