Popular Artist Takes Heat From Fans After Jumping on “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Bandwagon

Popular St. Louis artist Mary Engelbreit has decided to use the Michael Brown controversy as an opportunity to change her art from “cheery” and “cute” to downright idiotic and offensive in an attempt to gain publicity.

Engelbreit posted a new piece of political “art” on her facebook page to show her so called support for Michael Brown.


She wrote the following:

 “[T]hese events unfolding now in my hometown and across the country, shining a light on the ugly racism that still runs rampant in our country, made me think that maybe this drawing could help in some small way,”

STL Today reported:

Engelbreit, whose home and company are in St. Louis, was upset when she heard the news about Michael Brown’s death. “I just couldn’t seem to move past it,” she said. “The killing of that boy was awful, and he lay there so long, and there was the ridiculous militaristic response of the police. It was making it difficult for me to move on with the other art that I do, which is all very cute.”

Engelbreit should not be surprised by the outrage of her loyal St. Louis customers and community. She did not have enough respect for her community, most importantly her local police force, to wait for the facts before imposing her racial judgment and idiotic race baiting “art”.


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