O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN! New Video Shows ISIS Terrorist Crossing Into US in Motorboat

Once again, investigative journalist James O’Keefe demonstrates how easy it is for foreign terrorists to slip into the United States.

In August, James O’Keefe crossed back and forth across the Rio Grande in Hudspeth County, Texas, in an Osama Bin Laden costume.

This time, O’Keefe, dressed as an ISIS terrorist, crossed into the US in broad daylight in a motorboat from Canada.
okeefe boat 2


No problem.
okeefe isis

Here’s the video, via Project Veritas:

Do you feel safe now?

Project Veritas reported:

Last month I crossed the border dressed as Osama bin Laden. Today we released a follow-up investigation.

It was so easy to cross into the United States from Mexico, we began asking questions about the Northern border. After all, British intelligence believes more than 500 British citizens have joined ISIS, and British citizens can enter Canada without a visa.

Frankly, we were disheartened by what we found. Watch for yourself.

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