Occupy Anarchist FIREBOMBS Rep. Cleaver’s KC Office In Solidarity With Ferguson! – Media Silent

Hands up! Don’t throw molotov cocktails!
Eric King

Anarchist, Eric King, has been arrested and accused of firebombing Democrat Rep Emanuel Cleaver’s office in a 9-11 attack that was caught on video.

King said he did it in solidarity with Ferguson.
Rep. Cleaver is the former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus.
So the attack makes little sense.


From the Kansas City Star:

Notations found on the back of the letter purportedly stated that “the arsons committed on Sept. 11, 2014, were committed solely by the KC FIGHT BACK Insurrectionist Collective” and were done in solidarity with Ferguson, Mo., the site of recent rioting following the police shooting death of Michael Brown.

The letter also allegedly said the action was committed to memorialize those who died in Chile under the reign of a U.S.-backed dictator and lives lost in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen.

Police believe King is also responsible for defacing a WWI memorial.

WWI Eric King


Police detained King on Tuesday and recovered from his backpack a container of charcoal lighter fluid similar to that used in the attempted firebombing, a clear plastic soda bottle covered in a tube sock and a can of red spray paint.

Authorities noted that the red spray paint appeared to match the color recently used to vandalize a wall at the Liberty Memorial. 

Oddly, the mainstream media is giving very little air time to this story. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

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