Obama-Supported Muslim Brotherhood Mourn Fallen Al-Qaeda Leaders

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Barack Obama was a huge supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi regime in Egypt before the group was outlawed and its leaders jailed.

The Muslim Brotherhood mourned the death of several Al-Qaeda linked rebels in Syria this week. Fifty senior figures of Ahrar al Sham were killed in an unexplained bomb attack in northern Syria on Tuesday.
Cairoscene reported, via Religion of Peace:

Despite recent attempts to distance themselves from extremism and having recently launched a campaign against poverty, Muslim Brotherhood leaders have sent a message of condolence to Al-Qaeda linked fighters.

Muslim Brotherhood leaders have released a statement mourning the death of leaders from an Al-Qaeda linked group killed in Syria. Ahrar al Sham leader Hassan Abboud was among 50 senior figures killed during an unexplained blast in North West Syria on Tuesday. The cause of the blast is as of yet unexplained although many suspect ISIS to be behind the attack. Ahrar al Sham are best known harbouring brutal Al-Qaeda separatists. Hours later, the Muslim Brotherhood released a sickening statement mourning the loss of the Al-Qaeda inspired militants.

It read: “Dying for the sake of God is every true Muslim fighter’s wish. For this wish to be honoured by God is evidence of sincerity and truthful determination. When I first met with those heroes, I saw honesty and determination to achieve the good goals and confidence in Allah’s victory shine in their words. We console ourselves, Ahrar Movement, the martyrs’ families and the Syrian people for the loss of this fine group of faithful men.”

The statement comes in a week when the Brotherhood attempted to distance itself from extremist ideologies by holding so-called ‘Dank’ protests against price hikes and their effect on the poor. However the statement will leave many questioning whether the group is truly able to leave their hardline views behind.

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