Moms Demand Action Kicked Off of Kroger Parking Lot

kroger sign
Kroger officials tell members of the group Moms Demand Action they cannot carry signs or stop and talk to people on Kroger property. Store officials invited the group into the store and discussed Kroger’s policy of following state law on the issue of open carry. (Photo: Greg Deruiter/Lansing State Journal )

The anti-gun nuts with Moms Demand Action were kicked off another store lot this week.

Moms Demand Action has suffered another setback in their effort to get more corporations to ban guns.
Members of the group were asked to leave a Lansing, Michigan parking lot.
According to local media reports,

Kroger’s stance won’t stop Moms Demand Action’s ongoing protests at Kroger stores, however, said Linda Brundage, who heads the group’s mid-Michigan chapter. Brundage led a group of about 12 women at this morning’s protest.

The group was initially asked to leave the parking lot at 921 W. Holmes St., but was then invited inside to speak with store management.

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