MASS GRAVE of Yazidi Men, Women & Children Found in Zumar, Iraq

A mass grave of Yazidi Iraqis was discovered this week north of Mosul.
yazidi zumar
A mass grave containing the remains of 35 Ezidi has been found in the northern Iraqi province of Mosul, which was overrun by Islamic State militants in June, Kurdistan Democratic Party officials have said. (LiveLeak)

A mass grave of Yazidi men, women and children was found eighty miles north of Mosul, Iraq this week.
Kurdpress reported:

Kurdish Peshmerga forces discovered the corpses and identified them as being the remains of Yazidi – a Kurdish ethnic community based primarily in northern Iraq – by their clothes, said Said Memo, a spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), on Wednesday.

“The mass grave included the bodies of women and children,” he said.

The people may have been killed when Islamic State (IS) militants were crossing the region last month, Said added.

Meanwhile, local people said the bodies of inmates seized from Badush prison in July had also been discovered in a mass grave in the al-Humeydat region.

The number of corpses was not disclosed but sources said they were dressed in Badush prison uniforms.

Armed groups linked to the IS have captured large amounts of territory in Iraq in recent months, forcing thousands of Iraqis including Turkmen, Arabs and Yazidis to flee.

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