Krauthammer on Obama: “He Obviously Doesn’t Even Know His Own Mind” (Video)

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Author, pundit and columnist Charles Krauthammer ripped into President Obama today after his confusing remarks on ISIS today in Estonia. Krauthammer blasted Obama for not having a strategy or an objective.

I love the way that whenever he has no idea what he’s saying, he starts by saying, “Our objective is clear…” He always insists on how clear he is. We thought a week ago he didn’t have a strategy. Now we know that he doesn’t even have an objective. He doesn’t know if it’s destroy or containment. What worries me is less that he obviously doesn’t even know his own mind, which is worrying enough, but what we heard from the Deputy leader of Kurdistan in your interview, what is happening on the ground. They are receiving heavy weapons from the United States.

Via Special Report:

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