Joan Rivers Dead at 81… Gaza Supporters Dance On Her Grave

joan rivers
Joan Rivers passed away today after suffering complications during surgery.
She was 81.

NBC News reported:

Raspy-voiced and brassy, Rivers was always self-deprecating, foul-mouthed and politically incorrect. A master of reinvention, she endured in show business because of her tenacious work ethic — which she credited to her “immigrant mentality.”

Comedians typically push the envelope, but Rivers proved time and again that she didn’t even see the envelope. To her fans, she was as shocking as she was endearing.

“The way she is funny, she tells the truth according to herself,” the late film critic Roger Ebert wrote in 2010. “She hates some people. She has political opinions. Her observations are so merciless and her timing so precise that even if you like that person, you laugh. She is a sadist of comedy, unafraid to be cruel — even too cruel.”

No topic was off limits. From Elizabeth Taylor to Queen Elizabeth to even Anne Frank, Rivers loved going after public figures.

“I mock everybody, regardless of race, creed or color,” she told the Toronto Star in July. “Every joke I make, no matter how tasteless, is there to draw attention to something I really care about.”

The Gaza supporters are already dancing on her grave.

On Wednesday Palestinian supporters sent hate tweets to her daughter.

More… Hollywood reacts to her death.

UPDATE: Here’s to comedic timing…

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