ISIS Publishes Names of 193 Syrian Soldiers STRIPPED & SLAUGHTERED IN MASS GRAVE

ISIS Releases Names of Syrian Soldiers Slaughtered in Desert…

ISIS Islamists captured hundreds of Syrian soldiers last week.
They stripped and marched the soldiers into the desert and slaughtered them.

isis slaughter soldiers
Twitter caption: The 200 Assad dogs captured while performing tactical withdraw on foot in the desert.


Later they released a video…
Soldiers were stripped down to their underwear and forced to march into the desert.
naked soldiers isis
From the pro-ISIS Twitter page: Once again rawafidh are sheeps in the middle east and Muslims the shepards. What a nice sight!

ISIS terrorists forced the men to run into the desert.
soldiers run isis
The men must have known they were about to die.

ISIS shot them dead.
slaughter isis soldiers

On Wednesday ISIS published the names of the 193 Syrian soldiers they slaughtered in the desert near Tabqa airbase.
isis names slaughter

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