ISIS Inspired Militants Behead 15 Afghans – Slaughter 70 Villagers in Ghazni Province

Another Obama success story.
Taliban fighters have seized control of a strategic district in the Afghan province of Ghazni and beheaded fifteen.
The Taliban militants have beheaded 15 civilians, including women and children in eastern Ghazni province.

ISIS linked insurgents killed about 70 villagers after taking Ajrestan district late on Thursday night after a week of battle.

Insurgents carrying the black flag of ISIS captured several villages in Ghazni province.
Reuters reported:

Hundreds of Taliban fighters have stormed a strategic district in an Afghan province southwest of the capital and are on the verge of capturing it after killing dozens of people and beheading some in days of fighting, officials said on Friday.

The Ghazni provincial government has lost contact with police in the province’s western district of Ajrestan, said Asadullah Safi, deputy police chief of the area. An army unit reported that fighting was raging late on Friday afternoon, another provincial official said.

“If there is no urgent help from the central government, the district will collapse,” Safi said earlier.

The battle for Ajrestan illustrates the grave challenges facing Afghanistan’s new president and the security forces in holding territory as foreign combat troops prepare to leave at the end of the year.

No longer pinned down by U.S. air cover, Taliban fighters are attacking Afghan military posts in large numbers with the aim of taking and holding ground.

Ghazni is on the main highway linking Kabul to southern Afghanistan, where the Taliban have been making advances in recent months.

ghazi province
Ghazni Province (BBC)

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