HUNDREDS Of Ferguson Protesters Stop Traffic – Clash With Police on Hanley Road – Bricks Tossed

HUNDREDS of Ferguson protesters stopped traffic on Hanley Road near Interstate 70 in north St. Louis County today.
Hanley Road was closed for an hour.
ferguson mob
Police confronted the protesters on Interstate 70 (BBC)

The protesters are angry that Police Officer Darren Wilson was not yet charged in the shooting death of Michael Brown on August 9. 2014. So they shut down the interstate during rush hour.

Hands Up! Don’t Run Over Me!
The protest started around 3:30.


Dozens of police officers were called to the protest near Hanley Road.

At one point, there was a skirmish as someone threw a brick at St. Louis County police officers. Someone else threw a bottle, then outran police who tried to capture him. Several protesters were arrested for blocking traffic.

Protesters laid on their backs in the street.

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