Ferguson Mob Threatens StL County Leaders: “If Wilson Get Off, Y’all Better Bring Every Army Y’ Got, Cuz It’s Going Down”

Hundreds of Ferguson protesters and local far left activists packed the St. Louis County Council meeting last night in Clayton, demanding action in the Michael Brown shooting case. Brown was shot dead in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014 after he robbed a local Ferguson convenience store. Brown reportedly smashed police officer Darren Wilson in the face, severely injuring Wilson, before he was shot dead.

Protesters threatened continued rioting and violence if Officer Wilson is let off.

The mob told Councilman Steve Stenger that he has until noon on Wednesday to denounce County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, who endorsed Stenger’s bid for County Executive in the primary.


Some of the protesters said they were going to write in robber Michael Brown’s name for county executive in the next election as a symbolic gesture of solidarity.

The mob interrupted the meeting several times with chanting.

Activist Anthony Shahid threatens St. Louis County Council member Steve Stinger at St. Louis County meeting.

The mob threatened an “October Surprise” if the Cardinals make the playoffs.

anthony shahid
Activist Anthony Shahid leads the crowd in an “Arrest Darren Wilson” chant at the St. Louis County Council meeting on Sept. 16. (KMOX/Allison Blood)

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