Far Left Climate Activists Leave Mounds of Trash For Cities to Deal With

Earth First!
On Sunday, tens of thousands of committed leftists held “climate change” world rallies. Thousands descended on New York City, marching through the heart of Manhattan with a message of alarm for world leaders.

The far left activists are worried about the effects of global warming despite the fact that the US just went through its coldest winter in a century and Antarctic sea ice is at record levels.

The alarmists are worried about global warming.
But, they let others worry about their trash.
trash warming
From the climate rally in London Sunday. This doesn’t seem eco friendly, does it?


More trash in New York City.
climate trash

clim ate trash 2
From the cup, “The Arctic affects us all.”

Because nothing says, “I care about the environment,” like leaving heaps of trash for someone else to deal with.

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