‘Django Unchained’ Actress Has Sex In Public – Cries Racism When Cops Ask Her To Stop (Video)

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

‘Django Unchained’ actress Daniele Watts cried out as a victim of racism this week after she was caught having sex in public. The usual Liberal media bought her story attacking the police as racists. Daniele Watts claimed she had been profiled (by police) for “kissing” her white boyfriend.

THERE’S ONLY ONE PROBLEM… The facts of Daniele Watts’ story don’t add up.

The police didn’t approach Daniele because she was “kissing” her boyfriend. The police were responding to multiple complaints from locals that Daniele was having lewd sex in broad daylight for everyone to see in a car — with the car door open.

daniele brian lucas

The officer mentions this fact in the audio below:

Amazingly, Daniele offers a veiled glimpse into the truth during an ABC interview seen here (around the 1:54 minute marker), in which Daniele states: “A Caucasian guy in a business suit comes downstairs and says, ‘Can you guys stop putting on a show? I have people who are trying to work up there.‘” Notice it’s not racist when Liberals view everyone through the prism of skin color… huh?

Daily Mail reports the following:

The Django Unchained actress who claimed she was harassed and injured by police after kissing her boyfriend was actually having sex in her car it is alleged, and then went on a rant accusing police of not knowing who she was.

In a police audio of the incident obtained by TMZ, Daniele Watts is heard accusing the police of racism when Sgt. Jim Parker asks her for ID. She then tells cops that they don’t [know] who she is before storming off, refusing to show her ID.

Witnesses from the nearby Directors Guild office building allegedly told the police they were watching her and her boyfriend have sex in the passenger seat with the door open.

One eyewitness said the man was sitting in the seat while she was straddling him, in plain sight of everyone around them.

After storming off, Watts was apprehended by a police officer a short distance away and brought back where she continued her rant.

In the audio, Sgt. Parker can be heard telling Watts that the police were responding to calls from a nearby office.

She says: ‘I bet there’s at least one person up there who’s a racist. I bet you. I bet you’re a little bit racist.’

After refusing to give her name, Watts demands to know Sgt. Parker’s first name, before adding: ‘I think I’d like to identify you to my publicist. What’s your first name?’

She continues: ‘I guess we all have our destinies… I serve freedom and love. You guys serve detainment. That’s cool.

‘I hope you feel free… I hope when you’re f***ing your spouses you really feel alive. That you feel thankful, full of gratitude for the freedom that you have, that you share with the people of this country.’

Watts’ boyfriend Brian Lucas filmed her crying as she was handcuffed and questioned by police for making out with her partner in public.

Police also questioned Lucas and asked him questions like ‘Do you really know her?’ – seemingly insinuating that Watts was soliciting.

The couple described the incident to Buzzfeed, saying they were kissing in Lucas’ car outside the CBS Studio Center in Studio City on Thursday when someone in a nearby office walked by and told them to stop. […]

Read more here which provides a detailed transcript of the moment when handcuffed.

Entitlement victimhood mentality on clear display. Ms. Watt’s clearly lacks a sense of personal responsibility for her own life choices.

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