Demonstrators SHUT DOWN INTERSTATE 270 to Protest #MikeBrown’s Shooting Death (Video)

Hands Up – Don’t Shoot!
hands up rally

Protesters marched down Interstate 270 in Florissant, Missouri to shut down traffic.
Via Revolution News:

Traffic came to a complete stop for half a minute during the protest.
The demonstrators want Officer Darren Wilson charged in the shooting death of robber Mike Brown.
KMOV reported:


Even though organizers said a protest to tie up traffic on local interstates had been put on hold at the request of Michael Brown Jr’s family, several protesters elected to block traffic Monday afternoon.

Groups that have been protesting about Brown’s death said they were asking protesters to block off area interstates Monday. Some organizers had called for demonstrators to pull onto local interstates around 4:30 p.m. and stop their cars. The Brown family attorney said that is not what the family wants.

“We ask that all of those that support this family and this movement to just kind of hold off right now while we postpone today’s activities and contemplate future activities and you will be apprised of that,” Anthony Gray said.

Despite the family’s call, several protesters blocked traffic on I-270 near Florissant.

KMOV also posted video of the highway protest.

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