Dem Senator Campaigns On Veteran Healthcare – Avoids Mentioning Secret Waiting lists In His State

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin released a campaign ad today touting his record on Veteran healthcare.

The ad fails to mention the secret VA waiting lists in Durbin’s own State.

CHICAGO – Secret waiting lists at veterans medical care facilities are coming to light as whistleblowers within the military care system step forward – now from Hines VA Hospital in Illinois.

How many vets killed themselves in Illinois while waiting for an appointment that never came?

Durbin is facing Republican challenger Jim Oberwise and Real Clear Politics reports Durbin’s numbers are weaker than expected:

9/8/14 — Durbin’s poll numbers have been weaker than expected, although he’s still at 50 percent. While it is still highly unlikely that he’ll actually lose this race, the polls counsel at least putting it on the “watch list.”


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