‘Conservative War Chest’ Releases Hard-Hitting Ad Against Arkansas Liberal Mark Pryor (Video)

A conservative group called the Conservative War Chest released a hard-hitting two-minute spot today blasting liberal Democrat Mark Pryor in Arkansas. The Conservative War Chest’s goal is to confront the smear tactics of Liberals and turn their dishonest attacks into a liability for their candidates. In their first ad this cycle the group takes on Democrat Mark Pryor in Arkansas.

mark pryor obamacare

Pryor cast the deciding vote for the Obamacare disaster and rationed health care in America. Pryor’s vote has resulted in the persecution of the Little Sisters of the Poor and scriptural Christians and Catholic hospitals. Pryor supports late term abortion and political smears.
“Tell Mark Pryor, we won’t let you Detroit America with taxes and debt and no jobs.”

You can support conservative Tom Cotton in his race against Mark Pryor by donating here.

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