CNN Crank: It would be ‘Healthier’ for America if Dems Retain Senate (Video)

On Sunday’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, CNN and ESPN contributor LZ Granderson said it would be “healthier” for America if Democrats retain the Senate in the upcoming midterms to avoid “groupthink.”

“I think what would be the best case scenario is that the Democrats continue to keep the senate, not because I tend to represent liberal viewpoints, but because I think that’s healthier for the national conversation. As we deal with the ISIS crisis, if you start having group-think the next thing you know you repeat the errors we made in Iraq. Because no ones challenging things cause we’re just pushing along…”

OK, liar.
LZ Granderson is a huge leftist.

And, what a nonsensical statement – especially when you consider Obama’s disastrous record at home and abroad.

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