Chaffetz Condemns Secret Service Praise of Officers who Let Armed Intruder Enter White House

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

At a House hearing Tuesday morning, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) condemned the Secret Service for issuing a statement praising officers who allowed an armed intruder to enter the White House on September 19 for showing “tremendous restraint”.
(Transcript by the Blaze)

“Tremendous restraint is not what we’re looking for. Tremendous restraint is not the goal and the objective. It sends a very mixed message. The message should be overwhelming force.

“If one person can hop that fence and run unimpeded all the way into an open door at the White House, don’t praise them for tremendous restraint. That’s not the goal. That’s not what we’re looking for.”

… “Don’t let somebody get close to the president. Don’t let somebody get close to his family. Don’t let them get in the White House, ever. And if they have to take action that’s lethal, I will have their back.”

At the time the press release was issued the day after the incident, The Gateway Pundit was one the few to call out the Secret Service for the absurdity of praising officers who allowed a major security breach just weeks after supporters of the Islamist terrorist group ISIS announced they were targeting the White House.


The Washington Post reported Monday that the intruder, Iraq vet Omar Gonzalez, 42 of Copperas Cove, Texas, ran amok in the White House, successfully evading an agent posted inside the front entrance and running to the back of the East Room on the first floor before finally being stopped at the door to the East Room. President Obama and his family were not at the White House having left just minutes before for Camp David.

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